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Our studio is constantly growing and expanding. Whether that is lingerie, props, or sets you never know what's going to be next! That's why I have started the "Boudie Call". A cheeky phrase for our limited edition boudoir sessions. The Boudie Call is where I try out new ideas, sets or props, while you get to save on your session fee and have a full boudoir experience!

Lux & Noir just added a second location in Thousand Oaks! Hence, this months Boudie Call... "New Sets"!  We've added some Boho moroccan vibes to our bedroom set, we have carmel leather sofa set with lots of lush green plants, we also have whole poolside set with cabana. Come play with us and try some new things!
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P.s. the limited edition sets are only valid for a specific month but we do book for the whole year

What is a Boudie Call?

Just a cheeky phrase for a limited edition boudoir set!

Absolutely 5 stars!! Chelsea is so gifted at making you feel comfortable and bringing out the best of you in photos. She was helpful with suggesting poses and made it super easy and fun. I ended up with pictures that made me feel so beautiful. Such a great experience - every woman should do at least one boudoir shoot- it’s amazing how powerful and confident it makes you feel. Am already booking a holiday theme shoot.

Miss J

So I really feel like every woman should have a boudoir photography shoot at least once in their lives. It’s so fun. But I think Chelsea has a gift for seeing each woman and what makes them unique and bringing that out. She really makes you feel seen and understood for who you are. You don’t even realize your scantily clad she makes you that comfortable. And just when you feel like the day can’t get any better she sits you down to look at your photos and you stare at them like “dang that’s me????” And you leave realizing you are beautiful and feeling better about yourself than you have ever felt.

Miss J



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